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COI Related University Policies, Rules & Forms

Related Form
Applies to
Responsible Offices

Board Statement of Ethical
Conduct and Leadership
 and Board Conflict of
Interest Protocol

Interest Disclousure Form 

Office of Legal Affairs,
Office of University Compliance
and Integrity, and Board Office

Faculty Conflict of Commitment Policy



Office of Academic Affairs

Faculty Paid External Consulting Policy

Regular Faculty Paid External
Consulting Approval Form
Faculty Office of Academic Affairs 

Faculty Compensation Policy

 N/A Faculty 

Office of Academic Affairs

Faculty Financial Conflict of
Interest Policy
e-COI Disclosure Faculty and Staff  Office of Research,
Conflict of Interest Advisory

Nepotism Policy

Alternative Arrangement

Faculty and Staff 

Office of Human Resources

 Patents and Copyrights Policy Confidential Disclosure Agreement
and Material Transfer Agreement 
Faculty and Staff  Technology Commercialization Office 
University Rules 3335-13-03,
06, and 07
N/A  Faculty and Staff 


 Conflict of Interest and Work
Outside of the University Policy
Staff External Work
Approval Request
Staff  Office of Human Resources 
 Supplemental Compensation 
Involving Work Within 
the University Policy
Internal Supplemental
Compensation Approval Form
Staff  Office of Human Resources 

Financial Code of Ethics


All Employees 

Office of Business and Finance
 Organizational Conflicts of 
Interest Policy
N/A  OSU  Office of Responsible
Research Practices,
Conflict of Interest Advisory
Committee, Office of Research 
Vendor Interaction Policy N/A Medical Center
Medical Center Compliance and
Office of Human Resources