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Reporting Concerns

All members of the university community are responsible for ensuring we operate with honesty and integrity. If you suspect a violation of laws, rules, regulations, or policies affecting the university community, please visit the links below to make a report or raise a question or concern. 

Report a Concern — You Have Options
If you require emergency assistance, call 911.
  • Speak with your supervisor or another appropriate person in your department, school, or unit.
  • Report anonymously using EthicsPoint, a third party vendor.
  • Email the Office of University Compliance and Integrity at:

The Path of a Reported Concern

  1. Assess
  2. All reported concerns are taken seriously, reviewed carefully, and addressed promptly. Your report will be acknowledged and your questions and concerns will be relayed to the appropriate parties.

  3. Investigate
  4. If an investigation is warranted, an investigative unit will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation.

  5. Conclude
  6. Investigators will reach a conclusion and share the outcome of the investigation.

Important Reporting Information

  • The university takes every concern seriously.
  • The university prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports or inquires about potential misconduct.
  • Reporting concerns promotes a culture of integrity and helps keep our community safe.
  • You are encouraged to report even if you don’t know the identity of the individuals involved in the misconduct, whether it’s something the university could address, or whether it’s serious enough to report.
  • The anonymous reporting line (EthicsPoint) does not support reporting of academic matters involving faculty and/or students. Academic matters should be reported to the Office of Academic Affairs at 614.292.5881.
  • Non-academic student conduct matters may be reported to the Office of Student Life, Student Conduct at 614.292.0748, or to the anonymous reporting line (EthicsPoint).