Public Records

As a state-supported institution of higher education, The Ohio State University is subject to Ohio’s Public Records Act, a state law that promotes government transparency by providing access to records that document public business.

Ohio’s Supreme Court has ruled that under the law, "public records are the people’s records, and the officials in whose custody they happen to be are merely trustees for the people….” (Patterson v. Ayers, 171 Ohio St. 369 (1960))  At Ohio State, we hold public records in trust for the people we serve.

Providing prompt access to the public records we create and receive in the course of our work is a fundamental compliance responsibility.  To ensure that all University employees are appropriately educated about our obligations under the law, the University has adopted a public records policy to guide employees about how to respond to the public records requests they receive.

Public Records Office staff members

Scott Hainer

Director of Public Records and Compliance Reporting


Amber Foreman

Public Records Compliance Analyst


If you wish to submit your public records request electronically, you may email our Public Records Office: